Management commands


Collect JavaScript catalog files in a single location.

Some commonly used options are:

-l LOCALE or --locale=LOCALE
The locale to process. Default is to process all but if for some reason I18N features are disabled, only settings.LANGUAGE_CODE will be processed.
-d DOMAIN or --domain=DOMAIN
Override the gettext domain. By default, the command uses the djangojs gettext domain.
-p PACKAGES or -packages=PACKAGES
A list of packages to check for translations. Default is 'django.conf'. Use multiple times to add more.
-o OUPUT_DIR or --output=OUTPUT_DIR
Output directory to store generated catalogs. Defaults to the joining path of STATICI18N_ROOT and STATICI18N_OUTPUT_DIR.
Format of the output catalog. Options are:
  • js,
  • json.

Defaults to js.

-n NAMESPACE or --namespace=NAMESPACE

The final gettext will be put with window.SpecialBlock.gettext rather than the window.gettext. This is useful for pluggable modules which need Javascript i18n.

Defaults to None.

For a full list of options, refer to the compilejsi18n management command help by running:

$ python compilejsi18n --help


Missing directories will be created on-the-fly by the command when invoked.